SEO Copywriting Services

Need Quality Content that Sells?

You got everything going right. Your site is optimized for search and your getting a ton of visitors to your page but there is only one major problem…

Those visitors aren’t coming back, sharing your pages or clicking your links and buying your products or services.

This is costing you money. Especially if those links are leading to a sales page or e commerce store.

Do you have a contenting marketing strategy you are trying to get to work?

Your visitors are coming to your website and reading substandard content and not clicking the link to read the next article. This  becomes even more serious if you are sending cold traffic from Facebook and retargeting the visitors later.  Now the next time they see the ad in their feed they will ignore it or perhaps mark your ad as spam. Instead of gaining a new customer you have wasted ad spend because you had bad content on your pages. Remember Facebook doesn’t like to send its users to bad content.

The hardest part of making sales is customer acquisition and having badly written, uninteresting SEO content on your website will make acquiring a new customer harder.

What you need is  a clear content marketing strategy that is SEO optimized. You want well written, interesting and persuasive copy on your website so that you attract as many organic and paid traffic users to your website and get them to buy.

What you need is SEO Copywriting Services.

It takes time to learn and develop good writing skills especially if those writing skills are in the art and science of persuasion.

However you don’t have time and your skills are getting people to your website not writing persuasive SEO copy or creating a working content marketing strategy to increase the sales of that SEO infused persuasive copy.

That is why you need a copywriter that knows how to plan out and write SEO copy that works.

Unless you plan on spending hours chipping away trying to figure out how to write interesting content that sells your products or services.

You need to check out my services.

My name is Lauren Hazel and I am a SEO Copywriter. I write persuasive copy that converts website visitors into buyers.

By using my 9 years of copywriting and marketing experience. I will write the high quality SEO content for your websites that sells your products or services.

You won’t have to worry about having a high ranking webpage that has terrible content that does more to turn away visitors than help convert them into customers.  By using story and proven methods of direct response copy and marketing, I will create content for your website that not only converts but also gets those buyers to comeback.

All you have to do is keep traffic to your website and I will write the content that helps turn them into buyers.

Depending on your needs and budget hiring me to write high quality copy for your website or sales pages will require some basic information to see first what type of content will be best for your page(s).

Perhaps you might not have a content marketing plan in place or you have a new offer and the keywords but no idea what the content should be about.

No problem.

The fee is $100 for the consultation so we can plan the best course of action and get started on your content fast.

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