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Hi, I’m Lauren and for years I struggled to get more sales for my tutoring businesses(aka side hustles) without having to use sleazy sales tactics and marketing ploys.

My tutoring businesses were struggling even though I had stellar reviews, and in a really niche market. I couldn’t figure out how to get more clients or even raise my rates.

Until I discovered the a simple forgotten principle that allowed me to raise my rates on my current clients and opened the flood gates to so many more clients that I had to refer them to other tutors.

This long forgotten principle was so successful that I still have some of my past clients from my tutoring days begging me to come back.

If you would like to boost your sales and grow a loyal red hot for you customer base that begs you to sell to them.

Then you can contact me at lauren@storybrandstrategist.com and I’ll be happy to help.



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